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PANZ is a professional association that approaches New Zealand and global population issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Membership is open to anyone interested in demographic and population issues and study.

The PANZ newsletter is back

After a long Covid hiatus, the PANZ newsletter is back with a March 2024 issue featuring the latest Census release and post-enumeration survey updates, & a roundup of NZPopCon 2023. 


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NZPopCon 2023 presentation archive

Download every presentation from NZPopCon 2023: Population futures in an uncertain world: The changing faces of Aotearoa New Zealand, held 29...

A pile of 2023 NZPopCon programmes fanned out on a table

NZPopCon 2023 full programme

The conference programme was packed with more than 80 presentations, four keynotes and two special panel...