PANZ Newell Award

Tori Diamond is awarded the PANZ Newell Prize by PANZ President Rosemary Goodyear. A young woman with sandy wavy hair, black top and a blue skirt smiles as a woman in a red jacket holding a microphone turns towards her.

The 2023 winner of the PANZ Newell Award for best student poster was Tori Diamond for her poster ‘Measuring Indigenous outcomes and inequality – Is a different approach to age-standardisation needed?’ The poster was rated highest (or equal-highest) by two judges, and in the top half by the third judge. Tori also won the 2023 Australasian Epidemiology Association’s student award for a presentation of the same name, that same month. The research was part of her Honours dissertation ‘Impact of the variability in NZ population estimates on health outcome metrics and sub-population comparisons’ at the University of Auckland’s Department of Statistics. She is currently working towards her MSc in the same department, on novel applications of the Integrated Data Infrastructure for longitudinal analysis for the Māori population. 

The PANZ Newell Award is awarded by the Population Association of New Zealand (PANZ) for the best poster on any population topic. The competition is open to all current and immediate past tertiary students throughout New Zealand ahead of the biennial New Zealand Population Conference (NZPopCon), and is presented during the conference.

The next NZPopCon is expected to take place in 2025.

PANZ welcomes conference posters on a wide range of population issues, such as:

  • Population and demographic change
  • Inequality and poverty
  • Indigenous data sovereignty
  • Diversity, gender & ethnic identities
  • Housing & homelessness
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Families, whānau & households
  • Migration, regional dynamics & labour markets

All students whose posters meet the criteria and are accepted will get an opportunity to present their poster at the poster session of the conference. PANZ will also cover the cost of printing the poster.

Winners receive $500 from PANZ. The two-day registration fees and conference dinner cost will also be paid by PANZ. In addition, the cost of travel and accommodation (if living outside the city where the conference is held) will be also be covered for the winner, along with 2 years free membership to the Association.

All accepted posters (including entries from those who are not students) will be eligible for the people’s choice award ($250 cash prize) for the most popular poster as voted by conference delegates and presented during the conference.

Posters should be submitted digitally in A0 format. Please download the full entry guidelines here for advice on creating and submitting your poster.

Past winners:
NZPopCon 2023: Tori Diamond
NZPopCon 2021 (Conference cancelled but prize awarded): Mitchell Anderson
NZPopCon 2019: Moana Rarere