Conference Presentations 2017

Presentations from the conference can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Andrew Butcher, Michael Slyuzberg, Tim Hughes: Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders by reducing offending: What works?


Andrew Butcher, Michael Slyuzberg, Tim Hughes: New Zealand Crime and Victim Survey – why is it important?


Lars Brabyn & Natalie Jackson: Understanding spatial patterns of new migration within New Zealand, based on urban places and change between 1976 and 2013.


Hugh Dickey: A re-examination of historical data for urban centres in New Zealand.


Robert Didham: Language skills of New Zealanders


Robert Didham: Ethnicity and ethnic mobility: From the real world to analysis via data; implications of pathways.


Robert Didham: Internal migration 2008-2013: An overview from the 2013 Census.


Robert Didham: Southeast Asian diaspora and settlement outcomes in New Zealand.