Holiday reading: NZPR Volume 48 out now


NZPR Vol 48 includes the Jacoby Prize-winning paper that looks at whether we are managing to arrive at a common understanding of homelessness in Aotearoa New Zealand. In this issue, we can see how demography is integral to social issues spanning housing, homelessness, conservation, and family policy. 

The issue begins with Dr Renee Shum’s paper “Investigating the New Zealand Government’s Understanding of Homelessness in Aotearoa New Zealand 2008-2018: A Systematic Review of Grey Literature.” The Jacoby Prize is awarded by the Population Association of New Zealand for the best paper on a population topic written during a course of university study. 

The topic of housing continues with the Original Research Article “Useful Citizens: Wealth, Citizenship, and Māori Housing Outcomes” by Dr. Matthew Rout. This paper investigates the history of the housing crisis experienced by Māori. By considering the time from the 1840 signing of Te Tiriti/the Treaty to 1999, changes in citizenship as well as transfers of capital are evident. Matt specifies these key changes and makes the connection to housing, revealing underlying patterns and contributing to our understanding of an issue that remains relevant.

We turn to the future in the Original Research Article, “Who will be New Zealand’s Community Conservationists by 2050?” by Dr Helen Ough Dealy. Sustainability and conservation take a demographic focus in this article, as Helen uses open-source aggregated data to create projections of volunteer populations. This approach offers guidance for policy as well as for researchers and conservationists.

The Research Note “You Can’t Get It and It’s Unpaid Anyway: Statutory Partner Parental Leave in Aotearoa New Zealand” offers intriguing new findings about some of the structural constraints of
Aotearoa New Zealand’s parental leave system.
Rajas Kulkarni and Dr Tze Ming Mok focus on partners, who have some of the most meagre parental leave provisions in the OECD.

This issue concludes by offering tributes to Ian Poole and Hugh Dickie, who each had a meaningful impact on demography in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Individual papers are linked below, and the full issue is in  the NZPR archive here.

Editors’ Note

Investigating the New Zealand Government’s Understanding of Homelessness in Aotearoa New Zealand 2008–2018: A Systematic Review of Grey Literature
Renee Shum

Useful Citizens: Wealth, Citizenship, and Māori Housing Outcomes
Matthew Rout

Who will be New Zealand’s Community Conservationists by 2050?
Helen Ough Dealy

You Can’t Get It and It’s Unpaid Anyway: Statutory Partner Parental Leave in Aotearoa New Zealand
Rajas Kulkarni & Tze Ming Mok

Ian Pool
Hugh Dickie