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NZ Population Review

The New Zealand Population Review is a peer-reviewed open access journal of population and demography with a focus on New Zealand and the Pacific region.  It has been published since the 1970’s and is the official journal of the Population Association of New Zealand (PANZ). The journal welcomes submissions of empirical research, research notes, reviews of the literature, policy analysis, and theoretical perspectives.


NZPR 2017 Volume 43 is now published; it can be accessed via the link on this page. Articles include:

“A Place to Call Home? Declining Home-Ownership Rates for Māori and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand” by Rosemary Goodyear

“Ethnic Identification Complexity across Generations: Evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand” by Polly Atatoa Carr, Dinusha Bandara, Sarah Berry, Te Kani Kingi, Cameron C. Grant, and Susan Morton

“Iwi Sex ratios in the New Zealand Population Census: Why are Women So Dominant?” by Tahu Kukutai and Moana Rarere

“New Zealand Dairy Farmers from a Demographic Perspective, 1996–2013” by Natalie Jackson

“Projecting Disability in New Zealand” by Adele Leah and Jacqueline McIntosh


Editors: Tahu Kukutai and Bryndl Hohmann-Marriott



Submissions for the 2018 issue are welcomed. Guidelines and online submission can be accessed by clicking here.