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NZ Population Review

The New Zealand Population Review is a peer-reviewed open access journal of population and demography with a focus on New Zealand and the Pacific region.  It has been published since the 1970s and is the official journal of the Population Association of New Zealand (PANZ). The journal welcomes submissions of empirical research, research notes, reviews of the literature, policy analysis, and theoretical perspectives.


NZPR 2018 Volume 44 is available now, and can be downloaded in full here, or as individual articles below:


Invited Commentary: Enriching Public Policy with a Population Perspective, by Len Cook.

Understanding ‘higher’ Māori Fertility in a ‘low’ Fertility context: Does Cultural Identity Make a Difference?, by Moana Rarere.

More Pensioners, Less Income Inequality? The Impact of Changing Age Composition on Inequality in Big Cities and Elsewhere, by Omoniyi B. Alimi, David C. Maré, and Jacques Poot.

Te Pae Mahutonga and the Measurement of Community Capital in Regional Aotearoa New Zealand, by John Ryks, Jonathan Kilgour, Jesse Whitehead and Moana Rarere.

Beyond the RSE: Systems of Pacific Labour Migration to New Zealand, by Ward Friesen.

Census 2018 and Implications for Māori, by Tahu Kukutai and Donna Cormack.

Editors: Tahu Kukutai and Bryndl Hohmann-Marriott